Is Your Bong Unbreakable? Tank Glass Has The Last Piece You’ll Ever Need | Herb

2022-12-13 03:44:16 By : Mr. Fred Feng

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Is Your Bong Unbreakable? Tank Glass Has The Last Piece You’ll Ever Need | Herb

The nearly indescribable bongs from Tank Glass are the epitome of quality glass pieces.

Us bong users live on the edge. We depend on glass pieces for our cannabis needs. However, it doesn’t take much to break these glass pieces, whether you missed the table or knocked it over.

If only there was an unbreakable glass bong that worked just as, if not better, than your classic glass while boasting unique designs you can be proud of. We’re happy to introduce you to the world’s first unbreakable bongs, only at Tank Glass.

With a name like that, expect these bongs to be nearly indestructible. Unless you have a bazooka or decide to drop it from a balcony, the bongs from Tank Glass are in it for the long haul.

When you think of Tank Glass, think of quality. The brand proudly handmakes their bongs in the United States with the highest quality materials on the market.

The brand’s Tank Limited Lifetime Warranty comes with every purchase, meaning if you somehow manage to damage your piece, Tank Glass will send you a replacement for half the current sale price.

Tank Glass bongs are designed by a 5-person team of computer engineers and materials scientists that bent over backward to design the world’s first unbreakable bongs.

The incredibly thick class-A non-float certified glass and reinforced base provide durability and quality that lasts a lifetime. See some impressive options below.

The Original Tank Beaker Bundle

Find classic pieces like The Original Tank Beaker Bundle – 12 Inch, coming with everything you need for complete bong sessions. It comes with a free glass down stem and a free bowl alongside the Lifetime Tank Warranty for peace of mind.

Looking to take your sessions to the max? Feast your eyes on the Tank MAX Bundle – 18 Inch. This bong stands taller and larger than all other Tank Glass pieces to date. The durability and functionality remain unmatched, and it’s made of thick American-blown 9mm reinforced glass. It also comes with an ice ring catcher, a free MAX glass downstem, and a 14mm tank bowl.

If you consider yourself more of a sleek stoner, opt for the Tank Straight Tube Bundle – 12 Inch. Lifetime warranty aside, this straight tube bundle stands 12 inches tall and is impressively one of their strongest models to date. Made of American-blown 9mm reinforced glass, this bong bundle comes with a free 14mm tank bowl, a free glass downstem, and an ice ring catcher for ultra-cool hits.

For accessories and glass that last a lifetime, you know who to call. For more information about Tank Glass, visit their website at

Is Your Bong Unbreakable? Tank Glass Has The Last Piece You’ll Ever Need | Herb

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